Axie Infinity virtual land slot sells out for 550 ETH

According to the game's developers, it's the largest sum ever paid for virtual real estate. {tocify} $title={Nội dung bài viết} In a tweet …

Axie Infinity guild CGU helps players enter the fantasy play-to-earn NFT game with 'scholarships'

"By playing-to-earn and learn, our scholars are gaining critical new skills that will shortly be in huge demand by employers setting up shop i…

NFT museum positioned as largest digital art display in the metaverse

With NFT artists taking the world by storm, it only makes sense they have a place to display their works. {tocify} $title={Nội dung bài viết} Nonfu…

This time it’s different: When DeFi meets NFTs

The success of future crypto products will depend on their ability to engage both decentralized finance and nonfungible token users. {tocify} $titl…

‘Overtime, we will see the NFT market broaden,’ says Ripple CTO David Schwartz

Ripple may be a bit late to the NFT party, but the XRP Ledger will attempt to become an industry game changer and challenge Ethereum's hegemony…

NFT space is an exciting challenge to remain competitive, says Sean Kelly

Cointelegraph interviewed the founder of Chibi Dinos — an NFT project which raised over $2M — to discuss the potential of the NFT space. {tocify} $…
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